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mara_202 in jantolution

Challenge #17

According to last week's poll, people are still interested in the challenges, so I hereby present:

The Cliché Challenge
For this challenge, we'll return to the format of the first round of challenges, combined with a bit of the later ones. Which means that there is usually a 'theme', but, as in the first challenges, the theme is optional, too. The amount of prompts has gone from five in the earlier challenges to three, though. Prompt suggestions for future challenges are very welcome!

The prompts:
  • Clichés. Clichés in all shapes or forms. RL clichés, fandom clichés, anything goes!
  • Mythical creatures.
  • James Bond.

More information:
  • Deadline is on Friday the 13th of March. Entries can be posted at any moment during the challenge.
  • No requirements regarding length or rating.
  • You can use as many of the prompts as you like, in as many fics as you like. All prompts are optional and can be included in any shape or form and from just a mention in passing to a major plot point.
  • Standard jantolution rules apply. (See the profile.)
  • Entries get the usual tags (see the profile), plus the challenge #17 tag. This is also the tag I'll use to make my end-of-challenge post. The tag challenge is for general posts about a challenge and thus shouldn't be used for entries.
  • Please include a spoiler warning if your fic contains spoilers for Torchwood series 3. Thanks!

Have fun!


Okay, this is the first time I've realised that both Feb AND March have a Friday the 13th.


I have a fic I can try to finish for this. Hurrah. But the word "try" may be operative...
Haha, me too. I even double-checked if I hadn't accidentally forgotten to go to March in the calendar..

Looking forward to reading your entry! :)
Okay, i'm very tired and my brain isn't quite working properly but i have to ask and the answer will probably be obvious but ... when you've written a fic for the prompt do you wait till the challenge had finished before posting or is there somewhere else you post to as i have noticed that they're not actually on the comm till the challenge is over?

I blame my thickness on major lack of sleep ...
They do turn up during the challenge, and are just posted like normal fic here, but with the additional "challenge #17" tag (for example). When the challenge closes, all fic that's been tagged with the challenge number is collected up and posted in a roundup. (:

So yes, as soon as you have a fic written and polished and ready for view for any prompt, feel free to post it. (:

Hope that helps/makes sense!
Okey dokey, ta!
Good point, have edited it into the post. :)

I must do something extra special for this one. (: Hmm...

Hee! Looking forward to reading your entry/entries! :D

Gaaah. I wish I could write TW fic. I don't know what it is. For some reason I can only think of really stupid plots. *face palm* Although I am writing a HP/TW cracky crossover featuring Ewoks and accidental intergalactic travelling, LOL.
That. Sounds. Fantastic. (: I look forward to it. ;)
YAY! A new challenge. *prods muses to not leave this to the last minute again*
I know I only have a couple of days left, but I might just try actually writing something for this instead of just lurking around the community reading. Fingers crossed that I get some inspiration.
Hee! Awesome. :D

Looking forward to reading your entry!
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