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mara_202 in jantolution

Challenge #21

Sorry for the lateness. The end-of-challenge post with the banners for Challenge #20 will be up some time this week, as I still fail epically at Photoshop. *face palm*

EDIT: DEADLINE EXTENSION. I'm extending the deadline by one week, because I think we'll have better things to do than write in the week of the 10th. :P

Anyway... Onto this month's challenge! The prompts are:
  • Crackfic
  • Amnesia
  • "We could release a single." For some reason, they do. (Thanks, tanarian!)
More information:
  • Deadline is on Friday the 10th 17th of July. Entries can be posted at any moment during the challenge.
  • No requirements regarding length or rating.
  • You can use as many of the prompts as you like, in as many fics as you like. All prompts are optional and can be included in any shape or form and from just a mention in passing to a major plot point. If, for example, the 'amnesia' prompt for some reason inspires you to write about, I don't know, chocolate sprinkles, that's perfectly fine, too.
  • Standard jantolution rules apply. (See the profile.)
  • Entries get the usual tags (see the profile), plus the challenge #21 tag. This is also the tag I'll use to make my end-of-challenge post. The tag challenge is for general posts about a challenge and thus shouldn't be used for entries.
  • Please include a spoiler warning if your fic contains spoilers for Torchwood series 3. Thanks!

Have fun!

Thanks to everyone who made prompt suggestions! Prompts are always welcome. :)


My plot bunnies are biting already. Crackfic will not be a problem for me ;)
Ooh sounds interesting. I've never written crackfic before....

You ask for promp suggestions. What about 'Area 51'?
Awesome, thank you! :)
Wheee! Oh Lord, this means I have no excuse!!!!
I stoled your formatting and made a challenge. *grovels* Can you forgive me? (:
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