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...where Jack/Ianto is the solution to everything

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Happy-ended Jack/Ianto (Torchwood).
About this community
Welcome to jantolution, the community for happy Jack/Ianto.

Whether you believe Jack and Ianto are True LoveTM, friends with benefits, something completely different or maybe even nothing at all - if you're looking for Jack/Ianto fic to cheer you up, this is the place to find it. Hence also the headache-inducing happy blue colours.

The idea for this community was born after a conversation with coffeegirl18 at mara_202's journal, where we established that Jack/Ianto is the solution to everything. According to a subsequent poll, more than 60% of my friends list agreed with this (or was just unable to resist the temptation of the ticky boxes).

Note: Please be aware that this community may contain adult and/or explicit content. Entries will be labelled as such, using ratings. Fanfiction can be selected by rating via the tagging system.

Prompt suggestions or ideas on how to improve our challenges are always welcome. :) You can reach us via nanashi202[AT]yahoo[DOT]co[DOT]uk or laligin[AT]hotmail[DOT]com or one of the challenge posts.

Spoiler policy
All Torchwood: Miracle Day spoilers should go behind an LJ-cut

As this is a community for happy-ended Jack/Ianto, it will probably be relatively TW:MD-free. But in case of, say, icon posts with both MD and pre-MD icons or AU fics based on TW:MD, please use a spoiler warning and put the spoilery icons/summaries/fics behind an LJ-cut. Also please do not use spoilery icons (i.e. icons that give away plot points or show guest characters) in your posts to this community.

Thank you!

What can I post here?

  • Anything Jack/Ianto related. This includes:
    • Fan fiction. However, since there are a lot of other Torchwood communities where you can post fanfic, and this community exists to cheer people up, only Happy!Jack/Ianto is allowed. Angst is perfectly fine, but there must be a happy ending. ('Happy ending' in the broadest sense. It doesn't have to be a fairytale ending, but the story must end on a happy note.)
      • Three- or moresome fics. These are allowed as long as Jack/Ianto is the main pairing. (I.e. Jack/Ianto + one is okay, Jack/Ianto/someone else is not.)
    • Jack/Ianto recs.
    • Discussion.
    • Graphics. Icons, headers, etc. Please put big or spoilery pictures behind a cut or a link. Same goes for icon posts with more than three icons.
  • Community promos for other Torchwood communities.
Please try to use proper grammar, spelling and capitalisation.

How do I post fic?
If you have written happy Jack/Ianto fic and would like to post it to this community, please include a header. The header contains information about your story, for example:

Characters/Pairings: (if there are other pairings besides Jack/Ianto)
Spoilers: (if any)
Summary: (please keep it short; longer summaries should go behind a cut)

Author's notes, lengthy summaries, disclaimers, etc. and the story itself should go behind an LJ cut.

Please use tags; they make it easier for people to find your story. For more information on our tagging system, see below.

jantolution now also uses author tags, in the format: author: name of author.

Fic that doesn't include Jack/Ianto and/or doesn't have a happy ending (as defined above), will be deleted.

This community uses tags to make posts easier to find. Click here for a list of all used tags.
  • Fanfiction gets the following three tags: the author tag (in the format author: name of author), fic and the rating (in the format fic: rating, e.g. fic: pg-13). This community uses the MPAA rating system.
  • Art gets the following tags: the artist tag (in the format artist: name of artist), and the type of art (e.g. fanart, icons, fanvids, graphics, manips etc.).
  • Community promos should get the community promos tag.
  • If you happen to come across entries that contain dead links or that aren't suitable for this community, we would really appreciate it if you'd tag them as such (e.g. dead link, not jack/ianto-related and where'sthehappyending?), so that we can do something about it.
Tags can be added by all members, so if you see tags missing, please feel free to add them! Thanks. :)

Members can only add existing tags, though, so if it's your first post to the community, please use the 1st time posting tag. Thanks! Feel free to poke one of the mods if we take too long to add your tag. RL tends to get in the way of modding.

jantolution organises (more or less) monthly challenges. Our challenges are very laidback: there are no requirements regarding length or rating and the prompts are all optional and can be used in any shape or form. For example, if our current prompt 'Keepsake' for some reason makes you think about, for example, cheesecake and inspires you to write fic about that, that's perfectly fine. Entries do, of course, have to follow the standard jantolution rules.

Torchwood and its characters do not in any way belong to us. We're not making any money for this, etc.

jantolution was runner-up at the Children of Time Awards Round 1! Click here to see our shiny banner. Thanks to everyone who voted for us!

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If you'd like to affiliate with us, please drop us a line via PM or at nanashi202[AT]yahoo[DOT]co[DOT]uk, or comment to one of the mod posts.

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